New York City | USA


New York – USA

Date of Travel

9th – 13th September 2017


One UN Plaza

Located about 10 mins walk from Grand Central Station, so out of the hustle and bustle of mid-town but being close to Grand Central opens up quick access to most of Manhattan. The hotel is about 30 seconds walk from the UN Headquarters, so security is very good in the area! Some rooms offer great views over the City too.

New York, USA.
View from the room

Places to Eat

There are too many good places to eat in NYC and it all depends on your location, and whats likely to be convenient for you. On this trip, we didn’t have many ‘sit down’ opportunities to eat as we had things in the evening. But here is a selection of some places to try.

Pisillo Italian Panini
Cafe Cranberry
Mamoun’s Falafel
Blue Ribbon Sushi
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria

Trip Highlights

  • Washington Square Park Picnic  – I’ve been to NY a lot (10 times over the past 15 years) but this year broke the mould from my previous visits on two fronts. I’ve often gone in late winter/early spring (cheaper) so it’s been on occasion very cold, and also have often had a packed agenda of things to see and do. Probably too packed. As well as heavy focus on Shopping (not necessarily my choice). This year, we decided to take a more chilled approach to the City and enjoy the 30-degree weather and Washington Square Park is a great spot to do it. It was also the scene of my proposal a few years ago! Shout out to Bryant Park too, located behind the New York Public Library which is another great spot on a sunny day.
  • 9/11 Memorial – whilst wrong to call a memorial a highlight, the 9/11 Memorial and Museum are definitely worth visiting. Growing up I had always wanted to go to New York and being keen on architecture and photography, primitive reading of either often has New York City as a subject and the then Twin Towers would dominate the skyline.
    Having first visited NY in 2002, what was then Ground Zero was filled with workers removing the remnants of the fallen Towers. Today it’s home to the hugely impressive Freedom Tower and Memorial Gardens, and the 9/11 Memorial Museum, which whilst incredibly sombre, details the events and incredible stories of that day magnificently.
    Visiting over the Sept 11 date as well meant we witnessed the annual Tribute In Lights which again is a simple yet stunning tribute to the people that lost their lives back in 2001.

  • US Open Tennis – not something that can obviously be done at any point in the year, but one of the things on my Bucket List to do is to go to all 4 Tennis Grand Slams. This ticked off number 3 (only the Aussie Open to go) and getting tickets to the Men’s Final made it that little bit more special.

  • Walk Over to Brooklyn via the Brooklyn Bridge – I love the design of the Brooklyn Bridge and it’s a walk I’d recommend doing. Heading over to Brooklyn offers great views of downtown Manhattan too. Its tourist 101 though so a leisurely stroll is hard to come by (don’t walk in the cyclist lane!

  • Flatiron Building – this is a personal highlight for me. I mentioned I love architecture, and have been to NY a lot, but I have never seen the Flatiron Building! If you aren’t looking for it, and don’t care for building aesthetics you probably won’t appreciate this or care, but if you do, go check it out.
    I could attempt to analyse the renaissance inspired facade, but to be honest, I just think it looks fucking cool.


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