Krakow | Poland


Krakow – Poland

Date of Travel

23rd – 25th February 2017


Hotel Indigo

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Places to Eat

Kuchnia u Doroty – I have had Polish food numerous times over the years but this was the best I’ve eaten. I enjoyed copious amounts of Pirogi (dumplings) in different flavours, plus Polish sausage with potatoes and veg. The low cost of food, and pretty much everything in Poland is evident here. 4 main dishes and a couple of beers all for ~£10. Incredible food and value.

Ed Red Steakhouse Non traditional food, but does serve cheap traditional pilsner beer. Not the best steak ive ever eaten, but certainly not bad. Pricing is reasonable by UK standards, which subsequently makes it quite expensive by what you would expect to find in Poland.

Trip Highlights

  • Auschwitz – It feels wrong to put this under highlights, but Auschwitz is a must visit. I have a deep rooted interest in the events of the 2nd World War and having read so much about what happened in Auschwitz, I felt the need to visit personally. Opting against a mass tour, which I tend to dislike, we decided to take the train from Krakow Glowny to Auschwitz (or Oświęcim to use the Polish name) ourselves which took a little over 2 hours and cost about £7 return.
    Split into two sites, Auschwitz I and Auschwitz-Birkenau (linked by a free shuttle bus), the sheer scale of both camps is staggering, which should be a consideration when deciding to visit for the day.
    An incredibly sombre and sobering experience as you would expect.
    For local train tickets/times see here.
  • Rynek Główny (Main Square) – The Main Square in Krakow which is a home to alot of restaurants and bars. Interesting architecture to absorb but at night, very much the place to go for cheap drinks (which as you would expect changes the mood and tone slightly!).
  • Wawel Royal Castle – Beautiful Castle in the heart of Krakow that offers great views of the City. Free to enter.

  • Kazimierz – historic Jewish quarter and cultural point for Krakow. Blend of the historical importance of the area both pre and post WW2 and modern day quirky shops and bars.

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