Geneva | Switzerland

I had a very specific purpose to visit Geneva (more on that later) but had always heard good things about Switzerland. We visited Geneva in November and the weather was very temperate – about 20 degrees celsius. Geneva is a quiet and scenic place which sits on Lake Geneva (despite its name the Lake actually runs way beyond Geneva itself). I’d always held a view that Geneva was mainly known for being the base of many large international organisations (theRead more

Timber Floating Shelves

My first project to document is part of ‘Operation IKEA No More’. I’ve never been a fan of IKEA-type furniture or style, but like many others, it fills a void when starting a home. So over the past few months I’ve been trying to out the IKEA and go for more original pieces and would like to make more of these myself. Step 1 – Sourcing the Wood I managed to pick up a few bits of reclaimed wood fromRead more