Why – Travel?

The Dalai Lama has 18 rules of Living, one of which really rings true here and I think is a good ‘rule’ to live by: Once a year, go someplace you have never been before – Dalai Lama What I have only recently appreciated is how close we are in the UK to a whole multitude of different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles and have made it a focus of mine to visit as many places that interest me as I can.Read more

Big Sur | California | USA

My trip to California originated in San Francisco (coming in from Vancouver as mentioned previously). Upon landing in a distinctly warmer San Francisco when compared to Vancouver, we immediately headed on a shuttle bus to the small, and relatively sleepy town of Monterey Bay (if you’re looking for transport from SF, the Monterey Airbus gets my recommendation). Monterey itself is a delightful little tourist town. I had previously heard of it via a number of wildlife documentaries that have been filmedRead more

Why Moments?

I’ve termed a section of this blog Moments. Essentially an ongoing collection of pictures I have taken whilst visiting places along with other things that have sparked a thought. Its worth noting, I don’t profess to be a good photographer (or even an average one), but I have always gained enjoyment from Photography in general. Having studied Photography briefly (before realising there was more to it than just taking nice pictures) I always liked the work of Lewis Hine and Ansel Adams. Hine’sRead more

Vancouver | Canada

Approaching my birthday in April, I had wanted to travel somewhere on the ‘hit list’ of places to travel to. The hit list is a list me and fiance decided to create as an aspirational guide of places across the globe that we have read about, been recommended or just plain been intrigued by. One place that I have seldom heard negative things about in any context is Canada. Having visited a chilly Toronto in 2014, I have always thought CanadaRead more