Why – Travel?

The Dalai Lama has 18 rules of Living, one of which really rings true here and I think is a good ‘rule’ to live by: Once a year, go someplace you have never been before – Dalai Lama What I have only recently appreciated is how close we are in the UK to a whole multitude of different cultures, beliefs, and lifestyles and have made it a focus of mine to visit as many places that interest me as I can.Read more

Why Moments?

I’ve termed a section of this blog Moments. Essentially an ongoing collection of pictures I have taken whilst visiting places along with other things that have sparked a thought. Its worth noting, I don’t profess to be a good photographer (or even an average one), but I have always gained enjoyment from Photography in general. Having studied Photography briefly (before realising there was more to it than just taking nice pictures) I always liked the work of Lewis Hine and Ansel Adams. Hine’sRead more

Rome | Italy

Heading to Rome in June was both a good and bad move. Good in the sense that its great weather to explore this fascinating City, but bad in that the place is swarming with tourists and crowds of people. We are talking disturbed bee-hive level of swarming. I came across a piece of analysis at work that shows more people are searching for trips to Rome than ever have before and its easy to see why (FYI – Iceland hasRead more

Salzburg & Vienna| Austria

Destination Salzburg & Vienna – Austria Date of Travel 24th – 25th September 2016 (Salzburg) 27th – 28th September 2016 (Vienna) Accommodation Salzburg: Wyndham Grand Salzburg Conference Center Vienna: Grand Ferdinand  Places to Eat Zum Guten Hirten in Salzburg – Authentic Austrian food enjoyed by locals. The Austrian classics, Schnitzel and Strudel were both insanely good (and cheap!) Zanoni & Zanoni in Vienna – cakes, pastries, ice creams galore. Trip Highlights Schlosspark Hellbrunn – Palace built in the 1600’s, complete with picturesque park and grounds.Read more

San Francisco | USA

Tagged onto my trip to Vancouver, we arrived in SF in April and immediately connected to the vibe of the place. We only had 4 days in which to explore, which sounds a lot but you quickly realise that this isn’t enough. What I liked about the place was the diversification. Things to do, food, people – it caters for all. As I spent my birthday here, I wanted to do something a bit ‘outdoorsy’ so ventured over to nearby Muir Woods. MuirRead more


Background to me. (in no order of importance) Digital Marketer. The day job. Dog lover. Boss to Max the Border Terrier. Proud member of the #BTPosse . Human lover. Due to wed my other half in Santorini, 2017. Occasional Traveller. This blog documents places I have experienced (mostly from 2016 onwards). House Renovator. Purchased and renovated a few houses myself. Love all things property from re-modelling to interiors. Big fan of Reclaimed furniture.Read more

Hallstatt | Austria

I came across Hallstatt a while ago whilst browsing the web and remember being struck by how picturesque the place looked. Situated 2.5hrs south of Salzburg on the train, I was keen to add this World Heritage Site onto my Austria itinerary. On arriving to the tiny Hallstatt train station (it has to be said the train journey from Salzburg is both easy, cheap and incredibly scenic) you are met by a small boat ‘Stefanie’ which acts as a ferryRead more

Geneva | Switzerland

I had a very specific purpose to visit Geneva (more on that later) but had always heard good things about Switzerland. We visited Geneva in November and the weather was very temperate – about 20 degrees celsius. Geneva is a quiet and scenic place which sits on Lake Geneva (despite its name the Lake actually runs way beyond Geneva itself). I’d always held a view that Geneva was mainly known for being the base of many large international organisations (theRead more

Timber Floating Shelves

My first project to document is part of ‘Operation IKEA No More’. I’ve never been a fan of IKEA-type furniture or style, but like many others, it fills a void when starting a home. So over the past few months I’ve been trying to out the IKEA and go for more original pieces and would like to make more of these myself. Step 1 – Sourcing the Wood I managed to pick up a few bits of reclaimed wood fromRead more